Thursday, December 19, 2013

Phil Robertson's Issues Have Zero To Do With Free Speech

These are the things that have to do with Phil's rant, NOT FREE SPEECH. So tired of people latching on to this one issue as if it is the cornerstone of why he was suspended. 

Oh sure, he has every right to give his opinion. That's why he didn't get arrested for it. He was suspended by his employers. You can't just say any offensive thing you want when you represent a network and a brand. Employers have rules too.

Some say "none of it seemed to be that bad"! To you, sure. To me, sure. But to the LGBT community and in turn the advertisers and in turn the network, damn right his comments were bad!

People got Baldwin fired for a lot less. Deen for a lot less. And THEIR comments were in defense of themselves, Phil just decided to go off about gays randomly!

And why is GQ interviewing him anyway?!

Let's talk about this on a deeper issue. 

Think about people, gays in this situation, who get bullied. Who are the bullies? Is it not possible their bullying stemmed from the idea that someone told them once that gays are illogical and sinful? Wouldn't that perpetuate the potential bullying of someone who is DIFFERENT?!

Yes, it would! 

But nobody cares until it is their child murdered by some unstable person who was once treated with these ancient attitudes. People just want everyone to be allowed to terrorize others and let America continue in anarchy. 

Adam Lanza might not've slaughtered kids if maybe one of his bullies as a kid was taught differently. It starts somewhere.

Is it not true that freedom of speech has repurcussions? Oh no, not when people's bigot star on A&E is trashing people in the name of the bible. In that case, let him spew his ignorance. Why not? It's freedom of speech! Until someone decides to tell christians they're irrational for feeling that way, then suddenly they're not a fan of MY freedom of speech.

Isn't that great how it works? *eyeroll*

People just want to throw up the "can't express yourself" card when it is about somebody else, but rarely will they apply it to themselves. Sad.